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11/12/16 - St Lawrence Secret History Revealed

From: Adrian Searle

Dear webmaster,

Some time ago I appealed via your website to St Lawrence residents for any information in connection with the long-rumoured German seaborne raid on the local wartime radar station (RAF St Lawrence). At the time I was in the throes of writing a commissioned book about the legendary incident and was very grateful for the response I received from villagers - and others in the Ventnor and wider area - which helped me to construct a comprehensive account of a symbolically important World War 2 event airbrushed, for whatever reason, from the official British historical record ever since it happened.

I am pleased to say the book, Churchill's Last Wartime Secret, has now been published (by Pen & Sword Books) and is on sale from most bookshops and several online booksellers' outlets. It contains not only startling evidence - both verbal and written - from Isle of Wight sources but, crucially, compelling confirmation of the 1943 raid's authenticity from highly-reputable German nationals, among them men who apparently actually took part in the landing, an event immediately hushed up by the British authorities. Thus, I believe St Lawrence can now lay claim to a unique status in the annals of the nation's World War 2 history – as probably the only location where enemy forces on active military service set foot on UK soil.

I hope villagers will enjoy reading the book and my thanks again for the help given.

Adrian Searle

31/10/2016 - Kingfisher comes to Fishers

Many thanks to Annabella who took these amazing photos of a Kingfisher in her garden in the village this morning. 

11/10/2016 - Undercliff Drive Works Progress?? Report

Further to my March Progress report when the work was supposed to have been completed in 3 weeks, 6 months have passed and the long promised pedestrian access along Undercliff Drive from the St Lawrence direction is taking shape and looks like it will not be long before it is officially open. The turning head for vehicles has been made, but is still cordoned off at the St Lawrence end, however at the Niton 

end work has progressed at "amazing speed" as can be seen below. The Turning head is constructed as is the new access road for the stranded properties. The signs all still say Road Closed as there will not be vehicular access between Niton and St Lawrence along Undercliff Drive, although according to the local residents quite a few people's Sat Nav's seem to still think there is!!

27/9/2016 - Orchard Bay Access.  Opening by about 4pm Tuesday 27 Sept 2016

After 2 years, since the original path collapsed, the council will reopen the steps to Orchard Bay by  around 4.00 pm on Wednesday September 28th. [ NB. No Official Opening Ceremony ]

25/9/2016 - Binnel Bay Beach Clean & BBQ

At least 20 + black bags plus various large plastic items were removed, leaving a lovely clean beech. We also enjoyed a lunch with bbq's and picnics on a lovely sunny afternoon.

19/9/2016 - Best Kept Village 2016 - Awarded to St Lawrence

Great News.  St. Lawrence has been named 'Best kept Small Village 2016' and also the 'Overall Best kept Village on the IOW 2016'

Peter and Sharon have the awards in the shop and they have had a banner made to announce this to everyone.

10/9/2016 - Congratulations to Sharon and Pete on their Wedding

Celebrate the 1st Isle of Wight Day - 24th September

Pete and Sharon at the Post Office have a supply of free bunting 
Just Ask!!

There is apparently 75 Miles of bunting for the Island available!!

20/8/2016 - Postponed - Beach Clean - Postponed Due to Bad Weather Forecast

Binnel Bay Beach Clean and BBQ.  This Sat. 20th Aug. 5pm


Join St. Lawrence Community Association, weather permitting


Bring your own gloves, black bags, disposable BBQ and food/drink.

19/7/2016 - St Lawrence Shute and Seven Sisters Rd Traffic and Safety Issues

An Invitation to a meeting at St Lawrence Village Hall to discuss a number of issues including increased traffic and safety of all users.

Meeting Date Wednesday 27th July 2016, 7.00pm Prompt Start - Village Hall

Please pass this onto your neighbours who may not be aware of this event.

12/6/2016 - Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration Picnic Photos

13/3/16 - Undercliff Drive Progress?? Report

The above photo shows the progress of the works to create a turning head at the Niton side of the Undercliff Drive landslip. The work was scheduled to last 3 weeks from 22nd Feb, I was expecting it to be finished when I visited today, how wrong could I be!! Obviously its a very large scale project and you can certainly see where several years of preparatory work and many hundreds of thousands of pounds has been well spent. I know, lets get in a consultant to see if the work can be hurried along a bit. - The Ed

23/2/16 - Undercliff Drive - At Last Some News

18th February 2016



Access works to begin on site at the Undercliff


Works to restore access to properties at the Undercliff are to begin on site shortly following work by the Isle of Wight Council and Island Roads to tackle a number of issues which had threatened to halt the progress of the planned scheme.

The initial focus will be on the creation of a turning head for vehicles at the western (Niton) end, which will begin with preparatory works to clear old tree stumps and undergrowth, followed by construction work for a three-week period commencing on 22 February.

In the area of the Undercliff, where the new access road is due to be constructed, there is also good news after concerns that rare bats may be present in the woodland.  Following a tree climbing survey by bat experts, of the 18 trees identified for removal as part of the scheme, there was no evidence of bat habitation within 17 of the trees, with just one deemed as having ‘potential’ for bat habitation. As a safeguard, a bat expert will therefore need to be present on site throughout the process of the works.  This process has resulted from discussions between Island Roads and Natural England.

The works at this location, however, also require assent from Natural England for the removal of trees and while this has been granted it is subject to confirmation of the land owner.  The council is currently in negotiations with the land owner – the Wildlife Trust - to acquire the land and the Trust’s agreement will also be needed before works can progress.

The persistent rain that the Island has experienced over the winter period is presenting a further challenge though for other parts of the scheme.  Ground water level monitoring indicates that water levels have increased in the area where the access road is due to be constructed and in the area from the east between Fleet House and Woodlands where a pedestrian access route is due to be created.  Weekly monitoring data also shows an increase in the ground movement rate during the period December 2015 to January 2016. As a consequence of the prevailing conditions, it would be inappropriate to begin any works in this area (where the major slippage occurred) in the current circumstances. Island Roads will, however, monitor conditions with a view to starting the work as soon as the relevant permissions are in place, water levels recede and ground movements stabilise to the point where it is appropriate to progress works.

In the meantime, Island Roads has also registered with the Environment Agency to enable specialists to be commissioned to remove the contaminated materials present in the area when it is appropriate to do so, but for the time being the materials continue to pose no direct risk to residents. The Environment Agency has agreed to the material being left on site during the winter.

At the eastern (Ventnor) end of the scheme the creation of a turning head will also impact on a small number of trees.  This turning head is not within a site of special scientific interest and does not require permission from Natural England to remove trees. As in other locations, a bat expert will be present on site during any tree felling activity. The site for these works, however, is also sensitive to the water table and ground movements and therefore Island Roads is unable to progress the works at this location until the prevailing conditions stabilise. The area will be subject to an ongoing monitoring regime which will determine when it is suitable for these works to proceed.

Councillor Phil Jordan, Isle of Wight Council Executive member for the PFI, said: “We appreciate that this has been a lengthy process to get to this point and we sympathise greatly with those residents affected and appreciate their ongoing patience. This has, however, not been a straightforward situation when multiple land ownership, contaminated materials, protected wildlife habitation, adverse weather and ongoing geological movement have all contributed to a lengthy but necessary process for scheduling works on site. However, we are pleased that Island Roads can now make a start on the scheme to help restore access for Undercliff residents.”

Island Roads will also shortly be replacing the vandalised hoardings at both the eastern and western ends of the Undercliff to maintain the security and safety of the area. The site remains a construction area and as such we would remind residents not to enter the area within the hoardings as the area is still deemed unsafe for public access at this time.





Island Roads

St Christopher House

42 Daish Way


Isle of Wight

PO30 5XJ



T: 01983 828500


24/12/15 - Peacocks!!

From: Gemma Read 
Phone: 07775713111
Please let the people of St lawrence call me if the peacocks are spotted on 07775713111 /731193

please do not try to capture them I am working with the rspca to get the home and netted in an area.

Thank You 

19/12/15 - Underwath Mystery Solved!!

From: Rod Stewart
Did you ever get a response to the enquiry "7/9/15 - Underwath Mystery?", below?

'Underwath' is shown on the OS map of 1896, and is where Salem Close is now. The map can be viewed in this link:

Hope this helps.



Thanks Rod, that is where St Lawrence Manor is currently, which I suspected may have been previously Underwath, but your 1896 map confirms it. Thanks also to The National Library of Scotland for publishing the map online. - The Ed

26/10/15 - Beetle Drive Report



It was an evening of frenetic fun at the Village Hall on Friday 23rd October, with more than forty players, first-timers and veterans, locked in battle over their dice shakers.

This year’s annual Beetle Drive was organized by the St Lawrence Community Association with welcome support from the Churches of St Lawrence and the Village Hall Trustees.

An excellent ploughman’s supper preceded the action and David Waller and his guitar provided calming entertainment during the interval.

Proceeds from the event will be shared between the three local organizations mentioned above.

5/10/15 - It's Finally Here - Superfast Broadband 

I checked this morning on the BT Infinity Checker and it seems we can now order fibre superfast broadband, the speed indicated above for my address is higher than I expected, lets hope it actually a reliable service unlike the on/off service we have been getting. I also checked the TalkTalk website to see what speed they estimated, it confirmed Fibre availability and estimated similar speeds. Please bear in mind you will not notice any speed improvement unless you order Fibre from your Phone provider, at about an extra £5-15 a month.  

30/9/15 - Can Anyone Help with Wartime Mystery??

From: Adrian Searle
Phone: 01983 615636 / 07531 562606
Subject: Raid on the Radar

I am currently researching for a book commissioned by my publishers on the long-rumoured German wartime raid on an Isle of Wight radar station. The official British position on the raid is that it never happened. However, highly credible German sources insist that it did indeed take place and, while no central archival documentation is available in the UK to support the story, there are several 'oblique' references in local records which lend weight to the rumour - and a significant amount of anecdotal information.

The general belief is that the raid rook place in the summer of 1943 and was launched by a modest force from the Nazi-occupied Channel Island of Alderney. It seems to have been a relatively small-scale operation but, nonetheless, a highly symbolic event in view of official national insistence that no German servicemen set foot on British soil (the Channel Islands excepted) on active military service throughout the 1939-45 war.

If the raid really did take place, the probability is that it was launched against the radar post at St Lawrence, a far more realistic objecvtive, given the station's position overlooking Woody Bay, than RAF Ventnor's Chain Home station atop St Boniface Down, a mile or so inland, or any of the other Island radar stations operational at the time. There are stories of a firefight and it is commonly suggested that prisoners were taken by the Germans as they made their exit via rubber dinghies. Based on the anecdotal evidence, anyone who witnessed, or had been told of, the raid was quickly 'asked' by the archetypal 'Man from the Ministry' to sign the Official Secrets Act - as most certainly would have been the case if the stories of the incident are true. 

I would therefore be very interested to hear from any St Lawrence resident who has information on the alleged raid - either first-hand or, more likely now, by being told of it via accounts handed down through the generations. It would also be most helpful to hear from anyone who can recall, or has been told of, the beach defences that were in place at St Lawrence in that summer of '43. 

I can be contacted by 'phone on 615636 / 07531 562606 or via email at

In closing, may I congratulate those responsible for maintaining such an excellent village website - please continue to do so!

Best wishes,

Adrian Searle,

Thank you for your kind words, lets hope someone can help - The Ed.

23/9/15 - Hi Speed Fibre Broadband Coming Soon!!!

After what seems like an eternity, it looks like the 21st Century has finally reached St Lawrence.

A fibre optic cable was laid into the village about 3 years ago, but unfortunately was only connected up as far as Steephill Court Road. This Fibre Broadband Cabinet arrived in the centre of the village yesterday, hopefully it will not be too long before its connected. You will only get any benefit however if you sign up for Fibre at extra cost with your service provider, BT, TalkTalk etc.  

16/9/15 - Undercliff Drive News!! The Good The Bad and The Ugly Truth.

The Good
9.00am The council have agreed with Hampshire and Isle of Wight Nature to swap 20 Acres of land at Alverstone Mead for 2 Acres alongside the damaged section of Undercliff Drive to the west of the village to enable a new access road to be built. - Poor deal, but needs must!!- Ed

The Bad [Bat]
2.00pm Natural England have demanded a year long Bat Survey to determine if any detrimental effects to the well being of any Bats in the area will be caused by the removal of some trees on the new bit of land above, delaying the start for at least a year. - You couldn't make it up - Ed

The Ugly Truth
At this rate the council will have spent the allocated £500,000 on surveys and specialists long before the road is built. As far as I see it, the Council and Island Roads are trying their hardest to never build this access road!! This can't just be normal council incompetence, this is World Class Incompetence - Ed

7/9/15 - Underwath Mystery?

We have had an email enquiry regarding Underwath, a Red Cross military hospital in WW1.

From: Sarah McHald

researching family history, my great uncle was in Underwath a Red Cross military hospital in WW1. I'm trying to locate the building but nothing comes up, could it have been renamed, and is it St Lawrence Manor now?? If so I have a couple of photos the owner may wish to have copies.

If anyone can help please contact the website and I will forward on the details to Sarah.

24/8/15 - Binnel Studios Summer Exhibition

Resident artists at Binnel Studios on Old Park Road, will be opening their workshops and studios to the public for their debut Summer Exhibition.


The exhibition is open between 2pm – 6pm on Saturday 29th August, and then 11am – 4pm on Sunday and Monday (30th & 31st August).


Entry is free, and Artist's works will be available for purchase, at the site where Isle of Wight Glass was previously based.

19/8/2015 - Yoga Lessons Restarting at the Village Hall

Carol Macartney will be restarting her very successful and popular Yoga sessions at St Lawrence Hall.  


The next 6 weeks course starts on Wednesday 2nd September 9.30-11.00.


The 6 week course costs £48 or it's £9 per individual session.


For more information paste this link into your browser:


Carol's contact details are: 

Tel: 01983 862584.  Mob: 07901 571173.  email:

Pop Up Pub

Lisle Combe are having another pop up pub this coming Saturday, 22nd August, from 
Cash bar & hot dogs available!!
For more info:  contact Robert and Ruth Noyes.

Lisle Combe, Undercliffe Drive, St Lawrence, Isle of Wight. PO38 1UW

Tel: 01983 852582


Thanks to everyone who came to visit our garden on Saturday 8 August – and especially to whoever arranged the glorious weather. Our herbaceous border was very grateful.
We raised over £500 for the National Gardens Scheme charities plus nearly £370 for the Peace Garden in Seven Sisters Road.

Chris and Christine 

The Shute 

7/8/15 - Phew What a Whopper 

This Convolvulus Hawk Moth has been resting on our front door all day, apparently they migrate from North Africa in late summer, no wonder he needs a rest!! It is about 3.5" to 4" long!!


7/8/15 - Our Man in Ventnor

The Screening of the latest South Wight TV Film   ‘Our Man In Ventnor’ on Friday 17th July at The St. Lawrence Village Hall was a great success with a sell-out performance to a packed hall.

John Whatley the Director and producer of the film gave an explanation to the audience as to how the film was based loosely on the classic Graham Greene film ‘Our Man in Havana’ a humorous spy thriller which starred Sir Alex Guinness, Sir John Guilgud, and Noel Coward.

‘Our Man in Ventnor’ starred some fifty local people who had fun trying their hand at acting, some for the first time. A selected few were awarded local Oscars for their performances at the film’s Premier red carpet night on 23rd May at St. Francis School, Upper Ventnor.

Our enjoyment of the evening was enhanced by the well run bar, Ice Creams, popcorn and a raffle and the hilarious outtakes section which  gave an insight into the making of the film.



1/8/15 - St Lawrence Stores and Post Office - Opening Celebration 

What a beautiful day it was for Pete and Sharon's opening celebration for St Lawrence Stores and Post office and what a fantastic job they have done!!

There was a great turnout of St Lawrence residents and it was nice to see everyone supporting the new store. Many thanks to Pete and Sharon for putting on a splendid afternoon.


BinnelBay was swarming with litter pickers of all ages on Saturday evening, 18th July, as nearly thirty villagers armed with bin bags joined the annual beach clean, organized by the St Lawrence Community Association. And despite an unkind spattering of rain, everyone enjoyed their post clean-up barbeques.

Thanks to all who made this a fun, community-spirited event.

6/7/15 - Eve Richardson OBE


Local resident, Eve Richardson picked her OBE at Buckingham Palace late last month. 


Peacocks on the Run - 1/7/15


Apparently some peacocks have been wandering around the village for over a week now. They turned up in our garden yesterday. We had no idea who they belonged to but a few notices have now been posted asking for help in catching them. Phone number to call is 731193.  As far as I know they’re still on the run!









Thanks from the St Lawrence Community Association to all garage openers and bargain hunters for making the Garage Gallop on 20th June such a success. A great deal of ‘stuff’ seems to have found new owners and it was great to have a real buzz about the village. Thanks also to Sharon and Peter at St Lawrence Stores for providing a refreshment break for the happy treasure hunters. 

18/3/15 - Strictly Come St. Lawrence.


St. Lawrence Community Association invites couples and singles to:


Strictly Come St. Lawrence.

Fri. 10th April at the village hall, 7 for 7.30 p.m.



Join us for an evening of carefree dancing, all styles and genres.

You may even learn some new steps.


Tickets £7 includes light snack.

Cash bar will be available for drinks


Please phone to book:

Tony & Maggie- 852051     David & Jacqui - 853424



1/2/15 - Alternative Burns Night Report


Click Here to see the review of the Alternative Burns Night 



7/1/15 - Welcome to the Village


As many of you will already know Janet and Doug have left the Post Office and the new owners Pete and Sharon have taken over. We wish to offer our thanks to Janet and Doug for all their hard work over the years and to wish them well for their retirement.



 Likewise, we wish to welcome Pete and Sharon to the village and hope they enjoy their new life on the Island. I know they are keen to make changes to the shop over the next few months and we wish them well with their plans.



31/8/2014 - New Steps Down To Woody Bay


Thanks to Philip Hawkins for this photo of the new steps at Woody Bay;







30/8/2014 - New Heritage Trails and Maps






Richard Downing from has produced some wonderful trails around the village and coastline which can be seen  and even downloaded in our Discover St Lawrence Pages, here;


18/7/14 - St Lawrence Nut Carrot Cake Mystery Solved



Back in April 2012 we had a letter from a lady from the US, who asked if we could help her locate

a recipe for a nut cake using corn oil, we jokingly put it on the letters page as below;


2/4/12 - Letter from the Colonies

From: sandra couture
Dear st. laurence , about 20 yrs ago if not more, your corn oil had a recipe for carrot nut cake, that was very excellent. I have since lost that recipe and trying to find it on your web site with not success. Would it be possibe for you to sent me a copy? I would greatly appreciate it.
thanyou so much, in advance.
s couture



Can anyone help Sandra with her Cake quest, we are always ready to help when there's cake involved. Apparently there was a St Lawrence Starch Co. in Ontario, Canada who did a recipe book on using their Corn Oil, but they no longer exist.  - The Ed


Astonishingly, today we received the recipe in question from Pat, see below;



Pat says;


Hi Alan,

My grandmother Ruth Rubin Sinai gave it to my mother Barbara. Ruth is 96 years young and is living with her two sons in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  My mother lives in Matapedia, Quebec (a town renowned for salmon fly fishing) with my father.  She sent it to my brother 1 year  ago, I was forwarded a copy and saw it on a folder on my computer and so I googled it the other day, saw the enquiry.  I can find out how old the recipe is, probably early 40s or 50s? 
P.S. my father and mother both travelled to the Isle of Wight in the late 60s, I believe they saw a music festival

Patrick Brendan Shearing
Montreal, QC, Canada.

The power of the people of the internet has come to the rescue and the cake lives again despite us being the wrong "St Laurence" on the wrong continent and the company involved ceased trading in March 1990!!


Please someone make the cake and tell me its is as excellent as Sandra remembers!! - The Ed and Chief Cake Tester.



















































16/7/14 Beach Clean and BBQ Photos


Good time had by all last night despite the threat of rain.  These photos from
GJ and Penny sum up the evening.

   Leader of the pack (resident drunk to the rear left)
                               The LAST SUPPER
          First prize for "BEST BARBEQUE" on the beach

         On the way home with lots and lots of rubbish.





5/6/14 - New Feature - Heat Pump Blog 


Following on from the popular Solar PV installation blog, web central is having an Air Source Heat Pump fitted to replace the Oil Central Heating and Hot Water system and the blog follows the procurement, installation and the on going usage of the system. The blog is on the Renweable Heat Incentive Page - Click Here;

The Renewable Incentive is the Govt. scheme to recompense people for the extra expense of installing "Green Technology Heating Sytems", it pays for the renewable heat generated by the system over a 7 year period, not unlike the Feed In Tariff for Solar PV although not as generous as when that scheme started about 4 years ago.



29/3/14 - Broadband Problems?


From: Christine Russell
Is anyone else in St Lawrence experiencing even worse broadband service than usual? Mine has been dropping out so frequently in the past few days that we have a BT engineer coming round next week. I'll let him/her know if the problem appears to be village wide and not only confined to our house.


28/3/14 - Maurice Hatchwell


We were sorry to learn of the passing of Maurice Hatchwell formerly of Seven Sisters Road. His son Paul, informed us that his father died on the 20th of March, our thoughts are with Paul and his family.



19/3/14 - Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre


At the public exhibition today at the Spyglass Inn I asked about the two extensions shown on the map shown below which I spotted on the Perpetuus website []. I was concerned because they did not appear on any other maps, but I was assured that they are no longer part of their plans as the route for the export cables has been narrowed down to the eastern route towards Castle Cove.



My overall impression of the project was positive, although as this is an early stage and many of the details are still to be decided. I expressed reservations about the use of floating installations as they could be a danger to shipping, but there has apparently been no decision on their use.


If anyone has any comments and has missed the exhibition today, they can leave feedback on the Perpetuus website here;




6/3/14 - More Undercliff Drive Pictures


Thanks to Anne Pearce for the following pictures;

I think these are the tops of the piles Island Roads were installing to help stabilize the road



24/2/14 - Undercliff Drive Landslip - More Pictures


Thanks to Dave Trevan for sending in these photos, taken from the top of the cliff.



21/2/14 - Undercliff Drive Now Closed in Both Directions



Further to the long term closure of Undercliff Drive to the West, it is now closed closed to the Ventnor direction due to flooding. The road, which has been closed since Wednesday, looks like a canal and is apparently 2-3 ft deep. The village is blocked off at each end, so the Shute is the only means of access for the whole village for cars, but due to the size limit on the Shute, there is no access at all for large vehicles, unless they fancy a bit of a dip!! I expect someone will try to get down the Shute in a large vehicle and block the whole village completely. - The Ed.


16/2/14 - Landslide Causes House to be Evacuated



Following weeks of heavy rain and continued land movement Isle of Wight Council Building Inspectors advised one resident of the Woodlands Area of Undercliff Drive to leave their home after cracks started to appear. Several other residents were given time to remove their cars from the immediate area before the road was closed some were also advised to consider leaving their homes. Today Fire Officers were co-ordinating Army, Coastguard, Island Roads and Council officers efforts to help the effected residents.


For full story and photos from the IWCP Click the photo Below;

Soldiers help to move the possessions of Undercliff residents. Picture courtesy of Isle of Wight Council


 If you scroll down this page you will see a photo from March 2013 taken from the opposite direction when cracks in the same section of road were being repaired.



The picture below is from 2001 when the same section of road was also closed due to land movement, it remains to be seen whether it will be repairable this time.


As access to the area is now restricted if anyone has any photos, please email them to me. 





Neighbourhood Watch in Jeopardy

Your Neighbourhood Watch is in danger of dying for want of a volunteer chairman. Your village needs YOU!

I have chaired the Neighbourhood Watch for over a decade now and I am stepping down this Summer. It's not particularly onerous, but enough is enough and it's high time someone else lifted a finger to help. Without a chairman (i.e. a leader) the enterprise must certainly die, so it's crunch time. Does that matter? Do you need a Neighbourhood Watch? Well obviously I think it's worthwhile, and it's abundantly clear that the police think so. We are lucky in having so little crime and nuisance in the village, but arguably one reason for this is the existence of an active Neighbourhood Watch, and keeping trouble away is a whole lot easier than getting rid of it should it get a grip. It is also a small (automatic) factor in most home insurance premiums.

Next Summer is a way off yet, but now is the time to start picking up the threads, and forestall the process of shutting down. There will be a committee meeting in February or March, the last before the AGM (or EGM, should we expire) in the Summer, which would afford an easy introduction to the show. If you could just possibly be persuaded to take up the baton, please phone us, Tony or Judy, on 852813.

Tony Stoneley   (Jan.2014)




27/11/13 - Ventnor Central Car Park Info.




13/11/13 - New No. 31 Bus Information





31/10/13 - Undercliff Drive


I am forwarding a copy of my email to Andrew Turner, who was most helpful in finally arranging for the replacement chevron to be erected opposite Tollgate Cottage following the destruction of the previous one on the accident which occurred on 14 June this year.   This is only for interest purposes but you will see that at the end of my email to him, I have touched on the situation concerning postal deliveries, following the road closure from 5 of next month and for a stated period of 22 weeks. 

I am sure that some of the residents affected will be much more up to speed than me on our postal deliveries and could well respond to the St. Lawrence website.
Many thanks for your letter of 24th of this month following my earlier telephone call to your office.  Thank you also for letting me have a copy of Mr Griffin's response following your approach to him regarding the above.
I believe that the good news is that following our joint concerns and efforts, that within the last few weeks the replacement and chevron and new posts to support has been put up.  This warning sign can now clearly be seen and hopefully motorists approaching Ventnor from Niton on the Undercliff Drive will reduce speed appreciating a sharp bend to the right etc. 
However, I am disappointed that Mr Griffin has glossed over the true facts.  These are that on 14th June this year an article appeared in the Isle of Wight County Press reporting that an elderly couple had crashed their car into the sign opposite Toll Gate Cottage but fortunately neither of them were hurt.  On that day I saw the clearing up exercise which had to take place and appreciated that the chevron plus supports had been totally demolished.  To the best of my knowledge I did then telephone Island Roads (probably on Monday 17th June) to enquire whether they were aware of what had occurred and would be replacing the sign etc.  I was informed that they were aware of the damage but a new sign would have to be produced on the mainland.  Due to the my own work commitments etc, many months then elapsed before I thought it was long overdue for me to get some action taken, bearing in mind that no sign had been in place since 14th June.  Hence my recent call to Island Roads etc.  As miraculously the sign was erected only a few days after your intervention and roughly 4 months after the previous one was demolished, I suspect they forgot all about this and your approach shocked them into action!  Shame they could not have been honest and admitted that it did not actually take 4 months to produce the sign.  Also, disappointing that these signs cannot be produced locally and have to be outsourced to the mainland - if what Islands Roads told me is actually correct. 
Will be in touch with you again when I next need your help - as you know, Undercliff Drive is due to be shut from just West of Toll Gate Cottage to Mirabels  from Monday 4th November and apparently access in or out will only be available to residents such as myself.  In this respect, it would seem that postal deliveries will not be made (according to my postmen) and residents might well have to collect their mail from Ventnor Collection office.  I am trying to get to the bottom of this right now. 
Keith Titchmarsh



10/9/13 - The Stables, Seven Sisters Road - New Developments


In an attempt to explain their plans for The Stables in Seven Sisters Road, the new owners, Jane Cox and Sue Lowday are to hold an exhibition of their work at the Village Hall on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th October 11am - 4.30pm.


Potter Jane, explained their planning application for "Light Industrial Use" has been withdrawn temporarily in order to reassure local residents that their new studios at the Stables are not in fact "Industrial" units, just artists studios.





Click Here for Full Details of the Exhibition


22/8/13 - Local Authors Book Signing


Christine and Christopher Russell will be signing copies of their new book, THE WARRIOR SHEEP GO JURASSIC at Waterstones in Newport on Saturday 24th August from 11am until 1pm. This is the latest title in their series of 'WARRIOR SHEEP' books which are for children aged from around 7 - 12 years. It's set on the Island with Ventnor Carnival, the Dinosaur Museum, Blackgang, and the Alum Bay Chairlift all featuring in a crazy summertime adventure.



22/8/13 - Village Hall Meeeting


There were 33 people and 7 sent apologies at the meeting on 17th August at the Village Hall to discuss concerns about the proposed development of the old stables in Seven Sisters Road. Thanks to all that attended.



18/8/13 - Looks like no TV and Radio Today



Copied from the Radio and Television Investigation Service Website this morning;


Your local transmitters are...

VentnorBBC Digital TVOff Airfrom 07:01 yesterday to 18:10 yesterday
VentnorBBC Digital TVOff Airfrom 06:00 today to 06:49 today
VentnorHD Digital TVOff Airfrom 07:01 yesterday to 18:10 yesterday
VentnorHD Digital TVOff Airfrom 06:00 today to 06:49 today




17/8/13 - TV, Phone & Radio Blackout


Due to transmitter failure St Lawrence and the Ventnor area have no TV and Radio since Saturday morning. Some mobile phone services are apparently also affected.


13/8/13 - National Garden Scheme: Garden opening at The Shute





Sunday 11th August: it was cloud v sun to start with. The sun won and shone kindly all afternoon. Phew! 100 people came out to St. Lawrence. They wandered around the flowers and veggies in our garden and got through a whole lot of tea and cake. We raised £318 for the National Garden Scheme and £220 for the St. Lawrence churches. Our thanks go to: all the helpers on the day, to the cake bakers and to all the lovely visitors who came and enjoyed their afternoon with us.


Christine and Chris Russell




6/8/13 - Warrior Sheep Go Jurassic


Written by local authors, Christine and Christopher Russell, the fourth in the Warrior Sheep series of baaaarmy adventures has just been published. It’s a sensational seaside caper involving five sheep, one egg and a quest of prehistoric proportions! And it’s set on the Isle of Wight. Where else? 



Here’s what one early reviewer had to say:

“From the start, I loved the look of this book with the sheep depicted on a chair lift as the cover picture, and the story definitely lived up to its cover. This is the fourth hilarious adventure in the brilliant Warrior Sheep series - do try and read the others. What is this dangerous egg which threatens to put the world into danger? Whatever it is, the intrepid Warrior Sheep know one thing for certain must never hatch! Off they set across the Isle of Wight on a barmy adventure, full of hilarity. Great fun.”  

The Warrior Sheep series is designed to make 8 – 12 year olds laugh - though a lot of adults are sneakily getting in on the act and enjoying them too. All the books are available from Waterstones in Newport and on Amazon.


Oh, and did we mention that the Ventnor Carnival plays a starring role in the adventure?



2/8/13 - Meeting Regarding Seven Sisters Road Stables Development


There will be a meeting at the Village Hall on Saturday 17th August at 11am and Councillor Steve Stubbings will be attending. This will be to discuss residents concerns regarding the change of use of the stables in Seven Sisters Road (next to the old church) to light industrial.


31/7/13 - Sugarloaf Footpath Clearing


A group of villagers from the St. Lawrence Community Association spent last Saturday morning clearing the footpath that leads to that prominent St. Lawrence viewpoint, the Sugarloaf. The group comprised Tony Ridley, Mike Dedman,Dave Waller and Hazel Trevan, and were led by Dave Trevan.Maggie Ridley provided mid  morning refreshments.

The path was so overgrown that it was almost impossible to access without getting “attacked” by spiny plants such as blackthorn and hawthorn. Armed with loppers, bow saws and secateurs the group have now cleared the overgrown path so that access is now quite easy.The “prunings”(arisings in conservation terms) were left in tidy ecopiles to provide habitats for invertebrates.

For those villagers who have never climbed the Sugarloaf, the views on a good day are quite splendid,St. Catherine’s Lighthouse can be seen down the coast to the west,St.Boniface Down to the east, also there are good views of the village including some of the notable Victorian Villas.The climb up is also worthwhile to see a variety of wildflowers including Ploughman’s Spikenard, Rock Rose,Century Plant, Greater Knapweed and Ivy Broomrape at this time of the year, and many others throughout the season.

Many thanks to Sam Twining for giving permission for the work to be carried out.

The group agreed that in future this task needed doing every 6 months or so to maintain clear access.


Some of the working party, Mike Dedman, Tony Ridley, Dave Trevan





Dave Trevan



23/7/13 - Beach Clean and BBQ Report


You can read the full report on the recent Beach Clean and BBQ Click Here;





A reminder about the Beach Clean and BBQ at BinnelBay, organized by St. Lawrence Community Association for Saturday 20th July at 

Parking will be available in the former Glass Studio car park.



8/7/13 - Planning Application for Light Industrial Units Next to the Old Church


Planning Application: TCP/31536, P/00804/13


Comments are invited on the proposed development of the Stables between Woodcliffe Cottage and the Old Church in Seven Sisters Road. Details can be found on the Council's Planning website here; 


Comments must be received by 26/7/13



5/7/13 - Fibre Fiasco - My Reply to Steve Stubbings;


Update 10am - With Responce


Thank you for your swift response even though its exactly as I feared, lots of talk from the Government, BT and the Council but no action when it comes to actually doing something for rural communities!!
I know its not your fault, the decision was obviously made long before you were elected, but can you keep pushing the council to actually do something to help commercial backwaters like St Lawrence. Its exactly this attitude that has seen St Lawrence lose most of its businesses, we have lost the Rare Breeds Park, The St lawrence Inn, The Tropical Bird Park and Isle of Wight Glass all in the last few years precisely because of lack of Council investment in rural communities. The Undercliff Drive repair fiasco was directly responsible for the loss of all the above businesses, so now we have no businesses, the “Powers That Be” use that as an excuse not to connect a Fibre Optic Cable that is actually already in the village!!
Keep pushing our case.
Alan Burch
PS. I am keeping the local community aware of this issue by publishing all correspondence on the village website;
And his immediate response
Hello again

I hope you will take encouragement from the fact the the IWC is committed to Superfast Broadband for rural wight too.  Indeed, the funding is already in place for a match-funded (with central Govt.) project totalling £6m.  
I'll be happy to keep you updated as this progresses.

Best regards,  Steve



5/7/13 - St Lawrence loses out again!! - You have a Fibre Cable but we

Can't be Bothered to connect it!!!!



Following my email to our newly elected local councillor Steve Stubbing I have had this rather dissapointing reply - The Ed. 


Dear Mr Burch

Many thanks for your recent enquiry regarding Superfast broadband in St Lawrence.

I forward herewith the response received from John Metcalfe, our Deputy Director for Economy and Environment.  
I would be happy to discuss this in further detail if this would be helpful.

With best regards,  
Steve Stubbings 
Elected member for Ventnor West

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: "Metcalfe, John" <>
To: stephen stubbings <> 
Sent: Thursday, 4 July 2013, 14:10
Subject: RE: Fibre Broadband in St Lawrence

Hello Steve
BT made a decision to upgrade only those cabinets in the Ventnor area which it considered the most commercially viable for it to do. The impact of this is that some areas of Ventnor will receive superfast broadband whilst others will continue to receive the same service as at present. To the best of my knowledge BT has rolled out all of the upgraded cabinets in the Ventnor area and will not do anything more on a ‘self-funded’ basis.  This is the same as the approach it has taken in Newport and Shanklin. None of this work has been funded by the council.
The council is currently evaluating tenders for the roll out of superfast broadband to the non-commercial cabinets across the whole Island including Ventnor and St Lawrence.  This work is being funded by the council and the government and is being undertaken on the basis that there is no ‘business case’ that would support the private sector’s investment in these areas.
We hope to have a report to the Council’s Cabinet in August to confirm the appointment of a contractor for these works and then we will be able to publish a programme for the works to be completed across the Island. I would expect that this will be by the end of March 2015.
Please let me know if you need any further information
Kind Regards
John Metcalfe | Deputy Director | Economy & Environment
Isle of Wight Council | County Hall | Newport | Isle of Wight PO30 1UD
Tel: (01983) 821000 ext 6225 |
Email: | Web:




27/6/13 - What Has Happened to the Fibre Broadband Connection


Having waited since last October for the village to be connected to the Fibre Optic Cable that was laid into the village I have written to our new Councillor Steve Stubbings to see if he can shed any light on why BT seem to have stopped work on the much needed upgrade for the village.


Dear Mr Stubbings
Do you know when BT Openreach will connect St Lawrence to the Fibre Optic cable that was laid into the village last Autumn?
I have seen the new Green cabinets gradually appear around Ventnor and an underground box was installed at the East end of the village about 2 months ago, but according to BT’s website the major part of the village is still unable to connect via fibre. I run the village website and part of my business is to support local people with their computers so I am painfully aware of the local need for a reliable broadband connection in the village. Most household in the village have a slow and unreliable broadband service which has always been put down to the length of the cable from the Ventnor exchange, but it seems ludicrous that the new Hi Speed broadband cable that was promised and subsidised by IW Council has been unused for well over 6 months!!  I have a client just outside the village in Steephill Court Road who seems to be on the end of the Fibre connection, but nowhere West of her seems to able to connect to the new cable. 
Having clients all over the Ventnor area I can honestly say that St lawrence has always had by far the worst Broadband connection so it seems amazing that the area in most need of an upgrade seems to have been forgotten. The Cable is here so why won’t BT connect it, is there any connection with the fact that work seemed to stop when the council changed??


Alan Burch






The St Lawrence Community Association would like to thank all vendors, punters (and, of course the Weather Wizard) for making the 15th June Garage Gallop such a success.


Bargains were snaffled, unwanted “stuff” was shifted and the main thing was everyone seemed to be having fun.  It was great to have such a buzz about the village.


Next up is the BBBBQABC, better known as the Binnel Bay Barbeque and Beach Clean. This will be happening at BinnelBay on Saturday 20th July at 



14/6/13 - Garage Sale Map

St. Lawrence Community Association invite you to:



Saturday 15th June. From 


This map shows you where to find the garages. Start wherever you like. Visit them all. You will find great quality bric-a-brac at each one and below we’ve listed some of the star attractions. There are hundreds of fantastic bargains on offer. Don’t miss them!



A.  2  Barn Close,

Seven Sisters Rd
                               * Oil painting, Brownie box camera.


B.  Honeysuckle Cottage,

Seven Sisters Rd.
                  * Pictures and prints.


C.  The Shute,

Seven Sisters Rd.
                                          *New children’s books – author will sign copies, suitcases, greenhouse bench. 


D.  Shute Cottage,

Seven Sisters Rd.
                                      *Bathroom suite (loo, basin, taps) dog crates, upright hoover, video recorders.


E.  Pitcairn, Seven Sisters Close.                                  *Conservatory furniture, garden furniture, 26” TV, marmalade.


F.  St Mary’s Lodge,

Spindlers Rd.
(by the Village shop) 


G . St Lawrence Cottage,

Spindlers Rd.


H  Queen Mary Cottage,

Old Park Rd.


I.  Northern Star,

Hunts Road


J. 2 Inglewood Park.                                                  *Gas fire, laser jet printer, pine chairs, stereo system, garden chairs, plants, clothes.                                         


K. 14  Inglewood Park.                                              *Tools, china, glass, vintage luggage, vintage picnic set                                   


L.  16 Inglewood Park.                                                *Crockery, Moulinex food mixer, pine table, plants, seeds, framed pictures, sprinkler.


M. 29 Inglewood Park                                                 * Spode teapot.


N.  31 Inglewood Park.


O. 33 Inglewood Park:                                                * Tools, books, bowls.




31/5/13 - St Lawrence Bumble Bee Project


Rosemary Pears has sent us in an article about here new Bumble Bee Hive, you can read all about it on the New Bumble Bee Page



7/4/13 - Who or What has Upset the Seagulls?


 Has anyone else noticed the Seagulls squawking over the last few days, its seems that the last two sunny days have upset them!!  We have lived here for nearly 14 years and have noted on numerous occasions the lack of seagulls and associated seaside noises, we have seen a few now and then, but we have seen more in the last few days than the previous 14 years. 



19/3/13 - Report on ‘South with Endeavour’ Illustrated Talk by Stuart Bennett




On Friday 15th March, Islander Stuart Bennett, adventurer, raconteur  and photographer treated the St. Lawrence Community Association to a fascinating evening of images, stories and information about the boat trip which he and his wife took around the Falklands, Georgia and the Antarctic following the reverse route that Shackleton’s expedition undertook in the ‘Endeavour’ in 1914-1916.


By proxy of the camera, the audience of 33 in the St. Lawrence Village Hall, visited the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica.  We saw the rusting remains of  Grytviken, Antarctica’s first whaling station (closed for more than four decades) a grim reminder of the slaughter of whales to produce a variety of items ranging from fine quality oil to fertilizer.  Beautiful photographic images brought Stuart’s story to life.   We saw penguins (king, emperor, gentoo, macaroni and rock hoppers), elephant seals and leopard seals, prions, petrels and the amazing albatross.

Awe inspiring photographs of icy cliffs, glaciers and freezing seas brought an almost chilly feel to the hall – and we watched with fascination as Stuart presented a sequence of images revealing the initial cracking of a huge wall of ice in the cliff face and then subsequent images as the crack increased and the huge piece of ice shattered at the cliff foot, throwing up a huge wall of sea water.

Visual aids included life size drawings of an albatross and different types of penguin which helped to give a relative scale to the images on the screen.  Samples of whale teeth, whale bone and penguin feathers provided plenty of interest.  Stuart’s easy and engaging manner provided a very relaxed atmosphere and the on-screen images illustrated Stuart’s boundless enthusiasm for the natural world.  We hope there will be other such illustrated talks in the future.

Thank you to everyone who supported this very enjoyable and successful evening.


Liz Fox



14/3/13 - Undercliff Drive Repair


Undercliff drive was closed last Saturday due to cracks appearing in the road, contractors were today seen to be trying to fix the problem.


12/3/13 - Refuse Collection


I have just heard on the radio that today's scheduled refuse collection will be postponed until SATURDAY.



12/3/13 - Carnage on St Lawrence Shute


Yesterday's snow seems to have caught out several motorists on St Lawrence Shute. Apparently the driver of the upturned car suffered minor cuts, but it must have been very disconcerting sliding about 50m down the hill on the roof!! In total there are still at least 8 cars still stranded on the Shute as at 11am, which is obviously still closed.






If you’re looking for a bargain or two or just a good day out, put SATURDAY 15TH JUNE in your diary.

The St. Lawrence Community Association is organizing a village-wide garage/driveway sale on that day and there will be plenty of stalls offering a wide array of goodies.

A map of stall locations will be available along with a list of items of ‘special interest’. And there’ll be tea and cake for sale in the Village Hall.

Watch out for posters and more info nearer the time. It should be BARGAINOUS FUN, so don’t miss out! 




30/12/2012 - St Lawrence Christmas Quiz


The St. Lawrence Community Association held its fourth Christmas event on Friday 14thDecember. Organised by Lizzie Flynn, this year it took the form of a Christmas Fun Quiz, with questions posed by ‘Compere Extraordinaire’, Alan Stovell.








See the Community Association Page for the full report and more pictures - Click Here








30/10/12 - Pumpkin Festival Photos and Report - Updated



A slide show of photos and full report from Saturday's Pumpkin Festival is now on the Community Association Page; Click Here


18/10/12 - 82 yr Old Local Woman Trapped in Pelham Woods for Over 24Hrs

A local woman of 82 was rescued from a ditch late on Wednesday evening after she slipped whilst walking her dog the previous day. She was out walking her dog on Tuesday afternoon and slipped head first into the boggy ditch which was covered by brambles and undergrowth. The weather was appalling over Tuesday night with driving rain and very strong winds, but she survived, possibly due to her warm clothing and the warmth of her dog, which stayed with her throughout and alerted her rescuers with it's barking. The alarm was initially raised by her Hairdresser on Wednesday afternoon when she missed an appointment. Several Police, Fire and Ambulance units as well as the Police Helicopter were on the scene for several hours whilst she was extracted from the boggy ground at around 6.30 on Wednesday evening and then taken to hospital where she stayed overnight with mild hypothermier. 

13/9/12 - Fibre Optic Cable coming to the Village?


I spotted a some workmen with a selection of vans and reels of cable, near the cricket ground at Steephill today. I asked them if it was fibre optic cable, which they confirmed, so it looks like some of the village's dodgy broadband connection may soon improve - Fingers Crossed!! Not sure if this will only be for BT customers, I will attempt to find out - The Ed.



10/8/12 - Well Dressing


The St.Lawrence well dressing was hailed  another great success this year with a grand total of £120 being sent to Water Aid. Helpers, friends and supporters must be congratulated for all their hard work with this event over the years. Next years Well Blessing will be in a slightly different format but still with the same aim.



20/7/12 - Community Association Promotes Good Neighbour Scheme


For full details click here;


18/7/12 - Undercliff Drive Memorial Mystery?


We have had an email from Amanda who is asking about the memorial on Undercliff Drive - See Letters/Rants Page


 Update 29/7/12 - Many thanks to Doug and Janet at the Post Office for solving the memorial mystery, Click Here for the full story  

30/6/12 - Round The Island Race



Eleonora, the largest yacht to ever take part in the Round the Island Race passing St Lawrence this morning with Olympic Gold Medalist Ben Ainslie at the helm. Amazingly the 162ft Eleonora was only built in 2000 and is a replica of the 1910 yacht Westward.



7/6/12 - The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebration at the Village Hall on Sunday 3rd June.


Jubilee Party


65 people from around the village joined together and everyone had a most enjoyable celebration. Many thanks to Jill Fothergill for the above photos.



6/6/2012 - Buster Bartlett - 1913 - 2012


Long time resident and former Councillor Buster Bartlett passed away yesterday after having a stroke last week, he was 99 and 4 months. Buster was a very well respected independant councillor for over 30 years who believed in doing what was best for all irrespective of political persuasion and will be sadly missed. Our thoughts are with his family and we send our condolences.


10/5/12 - Two Interesting E-Mails Today


We have had two interesting emails come into web HQ today, the first from an ex St Lawrence resident now living in Mombasa.

The second is asking for help with any information on either Charles Levingston, who may be buried with his wife here, or his friend William Pearson (1822-1907).


See the Letters/Rants Page for full details - Click Here.



27/4/12 - Jubilee Picnic Details for Sunday June 3rd.


The St Lawrence Community Association, Village Hall Management and Churches are inviting you to our local celebrations. So, why not join other residents and come to the Big Jubilee Picnic Lunch at the Village Hall on June 3rd - 12 noon to 2pm. Bring along your picnic and a rug to sit on. There will be fruit and alcoholic punch, as well a celebration cake. Join in the fun together, and still have time to see the River Thames Pageant on television after!





22/4/2012 - Ta Da - The Website Move is Complete


If You Are Seeing This, Then You Are On The New Site.


After 100's of Man Hours, the website has been sucessfully transitioned from the Old Office Live Small Business server to the new Microsoft Live 365 web site host. No thanks at all to Microsoft who made the change obligatory and made no effort to help the millions of website administrators like myself who have been forced to spend months in preparetory work completly rebuilding our websites. The only reason we stayed with Microsoft is because of continuity of design and being able to redirect from the old web addresses. If you use an old link, including ones from Google for the next few weeks, to a page on the old site, you should be automatically redirected to the equivalent page on the new site, just briefly seeing a redirection notice during the redirection. - The Ed.


The old website will be completely deleted courtesy of Microsoft on 30th April 2012.



17/4/12 - Village Hall News


The Undercliff Singers resume rehearsals at the village-hall each Tuesday 7.30-9p.m.from April 17th. New members are always welcome, particularly tenors and basses.

The next meeting for the readings of favourite poetry and prose will be on Thursday June 7th.2.30p.m in the Griffiths-Holbrook annexe. Everyone welcome, £1 at the door including refreshments.


17/4/12 - The Big Changeover is Imminent - Saturday 21st April


After months of preparations the website will move lock stock and barrell to its new home on Saturday/Sunday 21st/22nd April, if all goes well there should only be a short period when the website is unavailable while various people in Australia, USA and the UK frantically press buttons. Although every page has been completely rebuilt,  hopefully you should not notice any great difference, if the squirrel above has moved a bit to the left, you are on the new site.







OLD SITE..............................




















NEW SITE.............................














16/4/12 - Advance Notice - May 14, 2012 - Town Council Meeting



A meeting of the Town Council at 7pm at St Lawrence Village Hall.

Members of the public and press are very welcome to attend.

11/4/12 - St. Lawrence Commnity Association A.G.M on Friday


The St. Lawrence Commnity Association A.G.M. will be held on Friday 13th April 2012.  7.30 in the Village Hall.  All Welcome.


8/4/12 - New Town Councillors for St Lawrence


From: Leigh Geddes
Phone: 01983857360
Hello and Happy Easter. I am the newest town councillor for St Lawrence (one of two, Mark Robertson-Walker is the other) and I'd be very grateful if you could add my contact details to your site. I would be happy to put a message on the website if that's appropriate. 

With kind regards,



31/3/12 - Arts and Crafts Exhibition Today at the Village Hall



For full details click here;


20/3/12 - Major Website Maintenance - Help Required


Due to the imminent withdrawal of Microsofts Small Business Website Service, who host our website, the whole website is having to be rebuilt on another server. This work has been going on for several months in the background, but now the new site is almost ready to go public.


The Beta Version of the new site, with a temporary web address, is viewable here;

The domain name, will be transferred over to the new site towards the end of April if all goes well, so all you old links to the site should still work.


I would be grateful if some of you could have a look around the new site and email me with any errors, pictures missing and especially any links that don't work. - The Ed.



20/3/12 - BT Fibre Optic Broadband Coming to Ventnor


According to the County Press website, thousands of homes in Ventnor are to benefit from BT’s fibre broadband the company has announced.

Following the news in December that it would be improving its copper network in the town, the company announced today (Tuesday) that it was expanding its fibre programme to include Ventnor.

It is part of BT's £2.5 billion fibre broadband programme has been rolled out across the UK.

The high-speed technology will become available to 3,000 homes and businesses in Ventnor, in addition to the planned improvement to the copper network, due this summer.

More than 1.5 million premises in the south east region now have access to super-fast speeds with more than one million planned for later this year, including more than 30,000 in Cowes, Ryde and Newport, as previously reported.

Cllr George Brown, Isle of Wight council cabinet member responsible for the economy, said: "The council welcomes this further major investment in super-fast broadband.

"We realise how important high speed digital communication is to the Island’s economy and that is why we are also prepared to invest £3 million in making super-fast broadband available to as many homes and businesses across the Island as possible."



That's better, the 20mb service announced last December was not much better than we already have, but a fibre broadband service will make a massive difference, lets hope its gets to St Lawrence. - The Ed.9/3/12 - The Undercliff Singers Open the Isle of Wight Arts Festival


Isle of Wight Arts Festival

Aled Jones and 100 Voices’


Sunday 22nd April 7.30pm

The Undercliff Singers are proud to have been asked to open the Isle of Wight Arts Festival in Ventnor on the 22nd April, and will sing up to four pieces. Heading the evening will be Aled Jones, famous for his rendition of ‘Walking in the Air’ from the animated film ‘The Snowman’. He will be singing some of his favourite songs as well as joining with two other choirs – The Newchurch Male Voice Choir and the Hart Male Voice Choir, which is based in the village of Odiham, Hampshire.

Tickets are available now from Seasons Newsagents in Ventnor, but are likely to sell out fast!




6/3/12 - Digital Switchover Tomorrow


The analogue BBC2 signal is due to be switched off Mid Morning tomorrow, followed by all the remaining analogue channels on the 21st March. If you haven't got a freeview or digibox  and had you aerial adjusted by then you will not be able to watch any terrestrial TV at all. Satellite TV viewers will be unaffected. For full details of the changeover go to;



9/2/12 - Invitation to join Vectis Searchers Metal Detecting Club on a Day Coach Trip to the British Museum on 7th March


7 March 2012:  Invitation to join Vectis Searchers Metal Detecting Club on a Day Coach Trip to the British Museum.   Vectis Searchers has vacancies on the coach booked to the British Museum for the day on Wednesday 7th March next.   If anyone is interested in going with them please ring Club Chairman, Richard Armiger, on 853447 or email him on for details, bookings and payments.
The ALS Coach leaves the Spithead Industrial Estate at Lake, (opposite Morrisons) at the latest 8.00 am sharp.  The next pick up point is Coppins Bridge Car Park leaving there at approximately 8.15 am for the journey to East Cowes to catch the 9.00 am Red Funnel ferry to Southampton.      The return journey starts at 4.30 pm from the British Museum and arrival at East Cowes should be about 7.00-7.30 pm.  The cost inclusive of all travel to the British Museum from Lake and back will be approx. £20.  Refreshments and meals will be extra and it is advised that you should either bring your own or eat in a cafe in one of the side roads in Gt. Russell Street outside the Museum because even though admission to the British Museum is free, the refreshments and meals are extremely expensive.  However, if your interest is more in retail therapy it’s worth bearing in mind that  the Museum is close to Oxford Street and the West End – it isn’t imperative to visit the BM.



3/2/12 - An illustrated talk byRoger Silsbury on our local Railway




Roger Silsbury is to give an illustrated talk on the fascinating story of the Railway which once served our village; the last line on the Island to be built and the first to close, with a life of only 55 years.


St. Lawrence Village Hall 

Friday 17th February 2012 at 7.30pm

(Doors open at 7.15pm)


 Full Details Click Here;





1/2/12 - TaDa!! - Our New Recycling Bins Have Arrived


The big news from St Lawrence is that the new recycling bins have been delivered today ready for our first recycle week next Tuesday 7th Feb - What Joy!!


30/1/12 - Where Are Our New Bins


"We will deliver the following containers to your property before the end of the month in good time for the start of the new collection arrangements" - Says Stuart Love in the letter from the council below, but with the first of the new collections tomorrow, we still are yet to see the elusive bins!!


PS. I have seen several peoples bin bags in the roads around the village today, so I assume they did not even get the letter and collection calender from the council. 



27/1/12 - New Bin Collection Arrangements


Most of us who used to have their bins collected on a Monday, will now have collections on a Tuesday, so the new system starts Tuesday 31st January with a collection of Non Recycleable Waste [Black Bags] and the Large Food Waste Caddy, which is yet to arrive. The following Tuesday [7th Feb] will be for Recycleable Waste Wheelie Bin and the Large Food Waste Caddy again. 


Below is a copy of the letter and Waste Collection Calender all St Lawrence residents should have received by now.



From:  Stuart Love, Director of Economy and Environment

County Hall, High Street, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 1UD



Our Ref:      Bins

2 January 2012


Dear resident,


Important Information about Changes to Waste Collection and Recycling


From the 30 January 2012 we will be changing the waste collection arrangements to make it easier for people to recycle and reduce the amount of waste that we need to send to landfill each year.


Waste Containers:


We have assessed each property individually to see which are suitable for wheelie bins and have taken into account the specific concerns raised when we consulted people about these changes last summer.


We will deliver the following containers to your property before the end of the month in good time for the start of the new collection arrangements:


-        A wheelie bin for waste that can be recycled

-        Large, lockable food caddy (for outside use and collection)

-        Small food caddy (for kitchen use)


Please do not use these items for collection before the new service starts on 30 Januaryas the current vehicles do not have the capability to handle the new containers.  Until the 30 January your waste collection service and black box recycling service will continue as normal. If you currently use a black box please feel free to keep it if it is useful or return it to one of the household waste recycling centres once the new service has started.


You will need to continue to supply your own bags for any waste that cannot be recycled. 


Waste Collections:


Enclosed with this letter is a calendar which shows when your waste will be collected. The large food waste caddy will be emptied every week on your collection day.


Your collection day may have changed, however there will be no further change to your weekly day of collection during the year. Even in a week where there is a bank holiday waste will still be collected on the normal collection day, although there will be no collections during Christmas week.


On the reverse of the calendar there is a comprehensive list of the types of waste which should be put in each container.  There are many more things that you will be able to recycle than you have been able to in the past.  As a rule of thumb, if an item is made up of more than one material eg a razor, then it cannot be recycled. If you are in any doubt, please place the item in your non-recycled waste sack to avoid contaminating those items that can be recycled.


Recyclable waste should be stored loose in the wheelie bin. Please do not put recycling waste in black bags as these will not be collected. Food waste should be transferred from your kitchen caddy to your large food caddy for collection. You may find it helpful to line either of the caddies with newspaper or plastic bags to make them easier for you to clean. 


The relevant containers must be placed at the kerbside by 7am on your collection day.  We cannot return to collect waste that has not been put out for collection on time. Waste for recycling that is found to be contaminated by products which cannot be recycled will not be collected.


You can also use the household waste recycling centres (opening details available on and use the bottle and textile recycling banks in locations across the Island throughout the year.


Questions ?:


If you have any queries please visit our dedicated website section  where we have set up a series of frequently asked questions and answers as well as general information and advice.  There is also information on the site about what happens to your waste when it is recycled which you may find interesting.  We will keep updating this site on a regular basis with information and new questions and answers, as we are alerted to them.


If you are unable to access the internet at home or through one of our libraries or our help centre in Newport then please call 01983 823777 and we will endeavour to help you with your enquiry.


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  We hope that you recognise the benefits that these improvements in recycling will bring to the Island both in terms of helping to preserve the beautiful place that we all live in but also in terms of reducing costs to council taxpayers of substantial landfill taxes that could be avoided. 


We will work hard to implement this new programme of collections as painlessly as possible although if snow disrupts our plans it may be necessary to change the arrangements and will advertise these on our website, in the local press and radio. With changes of this scale, there will inevitably be teething problems but we ask you to bear with us as we work to improve the service and hope that you will help us by reducing the amount of waste you generate, re-using material that you can and recycling as much waste as possible.


Thank you in advance for your help.


Yours sincerely


Stuart Love

Director of Economy & Environment




20/1/12 - Digital TV Switchover


On behalf of the St. Lawrence Community Association I have been in contact with Elaine Garrett of the IWRCC who is organising briefing sessions in various IOW communities.   The idea is for members of the community to be informed and therefore in a position to help more isolated members of our community (people over 75, disabled or on pension credit) who may be worried about what is going to happen on March 7th. 


This briefing is not going to make technical engineers out of us but will make us more knowledgeable about what the Digital Switchover involves.


I have booked the Village Hall for 10.00am on Friday 3rd February for the briefing session by Elaine Garrett – and invite you and anyone else you feel who might like to attend.   The briefing session should take about 20 minutes and then you will be free to ask Elaine any questions and/or collect useful literature.    We are also going to make literature available for collection from St. Lawrence Church, the Village Post Office and the Village Hall.


Kind regards

Elizabeth  Fox

Tel: 855908

p.s. So, I can keep an idea of numbers, please let me know if you are going to attend.



18/1/12 - Arts and Crafts Exhibition - Has St Lawrence Got Talent?


 The St Lawrence Community Association has revealed details of its up coming Arts and Crafts Exhibition, which will take place at the Village hall on Saturday 31st March 2012, full details of how you can exhibit your own talents can be found on the What's On and Community Association pages. Click Here 



15/1/12 - St Lawrence Weather Station Back Online


After several months offline due to a lack of a server, the St Lawrence Weather Station is back online, giving Live data every 15Mins for Temperature, Wind Speed and Direction as well as Rainfall data. Special thanks to for hosting our weather station. The simple data panel can be found on the right hand side of this page, on the Home page and the Weather/Tide Data pages, if you click on those panels you will be taken to the more detailed website for St Lawrence with historical data building up from today. Or you can click here;