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It is said that bumble bees are in trouble after a terrible wet cold season, so when I discovered this website I decided to do my bit for conservation.

This website is a mine of interesting information about the humble bumble!

So I duly bought a ‘ lodge’  as shown above  containing a hive complete with a queen and  her supporting cast.

The lodge is quite small and makes a charming garden feature.

I placed my order and in due course a box arrived by courier. The driver said he had 6 deliveries in his van and there was a lot of buzzing!

There are clear instructions on unpacking and releasing the bees safely.

I suppose it is possible to get stung but we’ve sited ours within a few feet of our front door and so long as we use common sense and don’t violate their home, they seem indifferent to our comings and goings. But I am not taking responsibility for anyone else on this! I just speak from our own experience. You must test the boundaries for yourselves and follow the advice given with the instructions.! We have found them fascinating to watch as they emerge from their lodge into the light and begin their little dance round it to fix the position. They are soon flying off and returning with bulging pollen bags even on the dullest of days and they will tolerate light rain. They are very hardy but much more active in fine weather of course.

The lodge contains a generous emergency supply of sugar solution with a wick for them to feed on when in transit or during really bad weather.

Dragonfli ( NB with an ‘i ‘ not a ‘ y ‘ whatever my computer tries to tell me! ) is a very good firm. Most helpful and they actually answer phonecalls  and emails promptly .

You are welcome to come and see ours at 1 Rockmount Cottages, Undercliff Drive, St Lawrence. 853126 if you wish.

One  warning

1.     Beware badgers! I speak from bitter experience. There’s nothing a badger likes more than a meal of bumble bees. So I would always recommend the lodge that comes with a wall or tree bracket, so that the lodge can be placed out of reach of these pirates.

Rosemary Pears