Additional Defibrillator in the Village

A new Defibrillator has now been installed at the Village Hall.

Would you like to practice CPR Rescue? Training kits are now available for you, your family or friends to borrow from the Post Office.

Courtesy of the St. Lawrence Community Association.

Old Park Hotel News

Following the lovely Fun Summer Event, Marie at the Old Park Hotel has had several locals asking if their watering hole is open for them too.
Her answer is YES.

They have a well stocked bar and are open every day from 11 a.m. -10 p.m. on week-days and till 10.30p.m. Fri-Sat.
Last day Sunday the 2nd of September.

Twining Tea galore there too.

All are welcome to pop in and buy a drink.

Light food set-up.

For more information contact:

Marie Dahl Kell

Old Park Hotel

Old Park Road

PO38 1XS St. Lawrence, Isle of Wight

Tel: 852583

Fire Update:

The fire appears to be well to the West of St. Lawrence between Mirables and Binnel Bay. People are saying there's a lot less smoke now than there was and Police have said there is nothing to worry about. Hopefully the fire has now been contained.

BREAKING NEWS: Huge Fire Outbreak in St. Lawrence

A huge undergrowth fire has started in the Old Park Road area of St. Lawrence. Fire crews are on the scene & it is understood that Hampshire Constabulary have advised owners in the area to vacate their properties. For more info and further updates please see Island Echo

Garage Gallop Success!

Although the sun didn't shine down on us, it didn't stop people from going on the St. Lawrence Garage Gallop! Walking around the village, it was lovely to see SO many people out and about enjoying picking up a bargain or two - or in some cases, a car load! A huge thankyou to the Community Association for putting on the event and to everyone who opened up their garage to sell items and for St. Lawrence Stores for selling hot drinks and delicious cakes (kindly made by Sharon, Maggie & Jacqui) & bacon rolls. Also thank you to everyone who attended and made a purchase. See you next year!

Ventnor Heritage Centre Facebook Page

Ventnor Heritage Centre now has a Facebook page where you can ask for information & share photos and stories about the area, which covers St. Lawrence. The page can be reached here

Many thanks to Lesley Matravers for sending me this info

New Notice Board

St. Lawrence has a new notice board! Made of sturdier stuff than the old one, this is made from metal so much more weather proof. Located in the same position as the old board, so outside St. Lawrence Cottage. Many thanks to the Community Association for part-funding and erecting the board and also to Ventnor Town Council for paying half the cost.

St. Lawrence has a Defibrillator!

There has now been a Defibrillator installed in the village outside St. Lawrence Stores/PO. Many thanks to Warren Donbavand of St. Lawrence Electrical for installing it free of charge.

Also, many thanks to everyone who was involved in getting the defib - fundraisers, campaigners, everyone who donated money or their time. And also to everyone who has had training in how to use it correctly because without them the defib would be pretty useless!

Well done to everyone - and there are rumours we could be getting a second defibrillator. Will keep you posted when I hear more definite news.

Memories of St. Lawrence in the Snow

This morning I received a lovely email from a gentleman who used to live in the village down Old Park Road for many years. He sent in some stunning photos of St. Lawrence in the snow back in 2010 when we had that really snowy winter. Here is an extract of his letter:

"Our family us older parents and our 2 sons lived there together for that period.   My father in law was very well known - Buster Bartlett who you must have crossed paths with as he did tireless work for the community. He was the UK’s oldest county & local councillor (He was 94 when voted out).

I digress …… with snow in national news I wondered IF you would like a few photos from the last significant snow fall in the village, the winter of 2010 it stayed for nearly a week I believe."

"We loved our time there and along side Buster we all were involved in the community but now our 2 sons and 5 grand children live in Devon and Cardiff plus cost and time involved with ferry travel it forced our move to Somerset.  Miss St Lawrence mornings, sea views and Ventnor coast but do not miss limitations of island life and travel problems."

Always lovely to hear from ex St. Lawrence people! You can see his photos on the Gallery here

Photo by Wendy Lacey
Photo by Wendy Lacey

Photo by Wendy Lacey
Photo by Wendy Lacey

Rock 'n' Roll night

The Rock 'n' Roll night at the Village Hall on Saturday 25th November was a huge success. Everyone had a great time enjoying the music & being entertained by Brian Sharpe's Half Moon. Big thanks to everyone involved who helped to put this event on.

House Sitter Service available

There is a new experienced house sitter service now available. Jo has recently moved to the Isle of Wight from Devon and is seeking a home to care for over the winter months. For more details, you can view the full ad on the Ads page by clicking below.

More details

Defibrillator Fund

Money raised from the Isle of Wight Day Treasure Hunt & Coffee Morning was £150 which will go towards a defribillator for St. Lawrence.

Well done to everyone involved and thank you to everyone who donated money or bought something at the Parish Church.

Dinner parties at Lisle Combe

If you want to host a special occasion or dinner party, you can do so at the beautiful Lisle Combe. Please click below for more details.

Find out more

Isle of Wight Day Treasure Hunt & Coffee Morning

On a lovely sunny Saturday morning, we set off to the Parish Church to join in the Treasure Hunt. Armed with clues & a pencil, off we went on a walk around our lovely village, answering the questions set by Jill Fothergill & Bridget Garton. By the time we'd got to the 12th Century Church we were in need of some sustenance - luckily for us there were refreshments laid out for any weary travellers. Ticking off more clues and after a much needed biccie, we carried on with our walk. An hour and 13 mins after starting the hunt, we arrived back at the Parish Church where coffees/teas/juices and cake were on offer. It was a lovely way to see the village whilst finding out some interesting facts along the way. A massive thank you to Jill Fothergill for all her time & effort in putting the event together and also to Bridget & June for running the tea stall & to everyone who made the delicious cakes.

Binnel Studios Summer Exhibition

On a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, we popped down to see the summer exhibition of the Binnel Studios artists down at Old Park Road. With such a wealth of artistic talent on show, there were a variety of things to see. From watercolours to pottery, acrylics to objects made with gemstones, you're sure to fall in love with something.

Artists showcasing their work include:

Molly Atrill, Phil Capon, Matthew Chambers, Jane Cox, David Firmstone, Guido Oakley, Amanda Wheeler & Celia Wilkinson

Meet the Ed!

Hello! Welcome to your brand new St. Lawrence website. A little bit about me - I've lived in the village for 18 years with my hubby Alan (previous website Ed!) & love living here. St. Lawrence really is a beautiful place to live with stunning countryside & coastal views with a variety of different wildlife. I really hope you enjoy the new community website & I welcome & encourage people to send me any items to go on here. If you're a local business and would like to email any artwork to go along with a small piece about what your business entails, please feel free to send me details - it's totally free! All artwork/photos to be in jpg format please. I look forward to hearing from you all!

Tina x